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CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery)
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CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery) Issue: ListAppend and ListPrepend with delimiters other than comma

Name: ListAppend and ListPrepend with delimiters other than comma
ID: 22
Project: CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery)
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Greg Cronkright
Created: 07/21/15 10:38 AM
Updated: 07/30/15 7:19 AM
Description: ListAppend and ListPrepend do not pass the delimiter to the ListLen() function they both use. So when using delimiters other than comma the items in the string do not get counted properly.
History: Created by fortressFour (Greg Cronkright) : 07/21/15 10:38 AM

Comment by fortressFour (Greg Cronkright) : 07/21/15 10:53 AM
Updated both to: if (this.ListLen(l,d))

Comment by cjordan (Christopher Jordan) : 07/30/15 7:19 AM
Thanks for the bug report Greg! I haven't worked on this project in a long while, and it looks like I've got a number of open bug reports. I'll have to take care of these soon!

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