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CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery)
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CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery) Issue: Round() IE versus Firefox issue.

Name: Round() IE versus Firefox issue.
ID: 13
Project: CFJS (ColdFusionJavaScript for jQuery)
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: James Moberg
Created: 06/02/10 1:01 PM
Updated: 04/26/13 9:16 AM
Description: $.Round() works differently depending upon which browser is used.

If not IE, $.Round(0.5) = 1

If IE, $.Round(0.5) = 0

It's due to toFixed().

More inconsistencies with this are discussed here:

A potential fix may be found here:
History: Created by Jamo (James Moberg) : 06/02/10 1:01 PM

Comment by cjordan (Christopher Jordan) : 06/02/10 2:03 PM
Good catch James!

I'll work on this when I get some spare time. Work is being pretty demanding on my time just now.

If you'd like to implement a fix for it, feel free to do so, and perhaps email it to me so I can test it and commit it to the repository. :)

Updated by cjordan (Christopher Jordan) : 04/26/13 9:16 AM
This issue is fixed as of version 1.2.9

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